SCOOP EXL Stretcher

Easy to use

Allows the operator to make all the loading manoeuvres necessary for polytraumatised patients, even in hostile environments.
It allows a patient to be immobilised on any type of ground with the intervention of just two operators.
Using a non-traumatic SCOOPEXL™ stretcher is easy, fast and safe.


The concave shape perfectly and comfortably accommodates the patient by ensuring more body contact points with respect to a spinal board.


The patented Twin Safety Lock (TSL) system prevents
accidental opening of the SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher.
SCOOPEXL™can be easily sanitised thanks to its easily accessible parts.

Thermal insulation

SCOOPEXL™ guarantees immediate and efficient thermal insulation thanks to the special plastic material it is made of.

Compactness and transportability

The stretcher can be adapted to any patient thanks to length adjustability, up to a maximum of 2010 mm.
Thanks to its reduced weight and minimal footprint, it can be closed up and carried easily. It can be stored in an ambulance with minimal footprint.

Clinical trials

Studies conducted at the Centre for Emergency Medicine, University of Pittsburgh attest that the degree of spinal immobilization with the SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher is equivalent to the degree of immobilization achieved with a spinal board.
It further highlights how a reduced number of operator movements is needed, as it determines less stress to the patient's spinal column. NO RISK!


UNI EN 1865.
Tested UNI EN 1789 locking systems.


Designed and produced according to the most advanced ergonomic criteria, it guarantees that the operator can maintain correct posture during all the rescue operations and patient transport. Equipped with 4 lifting handles (2 at the head and 2 at the foot)


SCOOPEXL™ can be used during examinations for X-rays needed for emergency treatment in polytraumatised patients. The absence of diamagnetic, paramagnetic or iron-magnetic materials allows it to be used for patient transfer to Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The SCOOPEXL™ stretcher is classified as a SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK control.
The SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK controls are specifically designed to protect the health worker's spinal cord.

Main features

  • Made in aluminium alloy and high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Patented Twin Safety Lock closure system (TSL).
  • Ergonomic.
  • Adjustable length up to a maximum of 2010 mm.
  • Foldable and divisible into 2 parts.
  • Equipped with pins for rapid hooking/unhooking of buckles and carabiners.
  • Compatible for patient transfer to X-Ray and MRI rooms.
  • Easy to sanitise.
  • Available colours: yellow, red, green and grey.
  • Compatible with the paediatric Pedi-Sleeve immobilisation and transportation system.

Technical specifications

Maximum length 2010 mm
Minimum length 1647 mm
Maximum width 432 mm
Footprint when folded 1200x430x80 mm
Weight 8 kg
Load capacity 227 kg

Available models

Model Code

SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher with 4 belts, model 773
(metal buckle and carabiner), outside hospital use


SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher with 3 belts
(plastic buckle and carabiner), inside hospital use


Kit with SCOOPEXL ™, head immobilizer 365-E with bag
bag and 4 belts mod. 773


EMERGENCY KIT with SCOOPEXL ™, head immobilizer 365-E
collar WIZLOC, 4 belts mod.773, cover FW100, bag/rucksack


Optional accessories

Description Code
Head immobiliser 365-E
Cervical collar WIZLOC 449-I    0822074
Belt mod.773, 2 pcs., with metal buckle and carabiner, black 0314009
Spider belt system 770-E
Vertical clamping system (tested to EN 1789) 561-V
Horizontal clamping system (tested to EN 1789) 561-O
Emergency backpack FBI 300000
Transport/storage bag for 365E 10-9900-005

Emergency kit

Bag/rucksack for carrying materials needed to immobilise and recover a trauma patient in locations far from the means of rescue.
1 SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher
1 Head immobiliser 365-E
1 Cervical collar WizLoc
4 Carabiner belt 773
1 Single use isothermal cover

Head immobiliser 365-E
Designed specifically for use with the SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher, it ensures correct immobilization of the patient's head and neck.

773 Belts
Thanks to the quick attach/release system, they reduce application times.

Locking systems 561-V and 561-O
Designed to safely secure the SCOOPEXL ™ stretcher in horizontal or vertical position.
Tested according to UNI EN 1789.